Business Mastermind Groups – What’s in it For You?

April 12th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Anybody with an entrepreneur’s heart enjoys talking with other similar-thinking business owners. A business master-mind group gives you the opportunity to develop close, sympathetic relationships with a small number of entrepreneurs who are there to help you, as well as be given your support in return.

In practice, there’s a strict agenda where everybody in the group gets the opportunity to ask for help from all the others. In this way, you help your fellow group members and they help you too. Let’s explore what makes a good mastermind meeting and also dispel some current myths about what mastermind groups don’t do.

First, a good business mastermind is made up of compatible people who “fit” together. There should be no one in the meeting who doesn’t comfortably fit in. The make-up of the group is ideally based on a set of criteria that members determine. For example, business size or a particular industry might be the criteria for a group. Alternatively, maybe every member is an artist or in financial services, etc.

Second, the group needs a clear purpose. A good illustration could be to help every member to enjoy a lucrative and increasing businesswith Chris Cardell. Or it may be to help each member to double their business every year.

Third, your group will have to write down rules. These should involve subjects such as attendance, contribution, responsibility, having only one topic of conversation at the meeting, providing help for other members, etc. Without rules, you will find that some members will be a little too liberal with their behaviour, turning up only when it suits them, or not get involved when the conversation leaves their issue of Chris Cardell.

Fourth, accountability is key. Nobody like the prospect of public humiliation, and that’s exactly what answering to the mastermind group will be, if you fail to follow through on your actions. The value of public accountability should not be ignored – if you have to explain failings to a single person, that’s uncomfortable. To explain to a meeting of trusted colleagues that you’ve been too busy, or simply forgot, will quickly make you so uncomfortable that you’d rather merely get the work done instead of facing the embarrassment of public humiliation!

Fifth, candidness. If group members are not open enough to share their real thoughts, ideas and strategies that have been successful for them, it will be a hollow and empty experience. Of course, this will be the same for them, too – you have to share your knowledge with your group members so that they get something in return for their own candid help.

Finally, a business mastermind group is not a presentation. Too many of the modern marketers have chosen to abuse Napoleon Hill’s original concept by turning mastermind into a clever marketing phrase. They present a teleseminar where they talk and hundreds of other people are muted, listening to their presentation. This is not a mastermind group, it’s simply a presentation of Chris Cardell.

When you create a business mastermind that follows the principles set out by Napoleon Hill in Think & Grow Rich, you have a great likelihood of being in a meeting that will challenge and extend you. This meeting can be virtual or it can be face to face. Your business will develop more rapidly and your own capabilities will be extended, too. At the same time, you’ll enjoy seeing your fellow group members enjoying success too, a real win-win.

5 Highly Effective Ideas For Small business owners.

April 12th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

If you own a Small Business or want to start up a new business understanding advertising will be critical to your success with Cardell Media. When I set up my own first business back in 1999, I didn’t have a clue about advertising and marketing. Back then the biggest and first point of call for a start up business was the yellow pages directory followed by classified adverts in local papers. Over ten years on, the opportunities to advertise cheaply have grown a hundred fold. More importantly the opportunities for small businesses to advertise effectively have also increased significantly. In this article I am going to point out the basics of what you need to know about advertising and which methods are effective for small businesses.

When I talk about a small business, I could be referring to a one man Window Cleaner or an I.T Reseller. It doesn’t matter what line of business you are in, the principles of advertising are still the same and my points and ideas are relevant to everyone with Cardell Media.

By the way, this article is written from a neutral point of view. I run two advertising companies and both are mentioned in this article along with others who I don’t have a vested interest in but I do have experience of using their products. If I recommend a product or media it’s because it’s worked for me and my companies and not because I’m being paid to mention it.

What is Effective Advertising?

Effective Advertising is a tool to increase your sales AND profits. If the advertising you are currently using does not increase your sales and profits, STOP using it immediately! ‘But it increases brand awareness’ and ‘my competitors all advertise in this way’, are two rubbish excuses for wasting money on advertising that does not work. Don’t be lazy, don’t burn money by using ineffective advertising.

So how do you know if the advertising is effective? Firstly measure the results and secondly when you begin to trial a new way of advertising always commit for the minimum amount of time possible. Do not be swayed by Advertising Executives trying to convince you to commit to longer for a discount. Trial first and then commit if it increases your sales and profits.

Points to memorise before advertising:

Can I measure the results from this campaign? (If you can’t do not advertise)

Does my Advert have a really strong call to action? ( Free offer, Discount or Guarantee’s are strong calls to action)

Can I trial the advertising media or product first?

How many sales do I need to make to make a profit from this advertising? (Is the answer realistic)

OK, that’s enough preaching, lets present the ideas to you:

Highly Effective Advertising Ideas for Small Businesses is with Cardell Media.

Learn from the Experts

Advertising is the same as any industry, if you want to learn about it and become an expert in it (Anything that costs you money but also has the potential to make you lots of money in, you should learn to be an expert!), then learn from the experts. My advice is go and order a copy of ‘Your Marketing Sucks’ by Mark Stevens from Amazon. Mark’s book will tell you everything you need to know about advertising before you start to spend money. The second piece of advice is check out cardellmedia on Google. The site is run by a small business expert called Chris Cardell. He is a no nonsense business growth expert. He runs a number of courses and publications about advertising and marketing for small businesses. Listen to what he has to say, he is trying to help you.

Google AdWords

If you only take one piece of advice from this article then make sure it’s this:

Open a Google AdWords Account and start a Pay Per Click Campaign.

You may have heard about PPC or Pay Per Click campaigns. When people mention them they are normally talking about running a Google Campaign. As Google run 90% of Search requests on the internet then you must advertise with them. You create a campaign where if someone enters a keyword or key phrase into Google, when they hit enter, your company advert comes up on the screen.

Google AdWords is an essential piece of marketing and advertising for any small business no matter how small their business is. It’s highly effective, cost effective and measurable, in short, excellent.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a highly cost effective way of advertising, in fact it’s free. SEO is a way of creating content for your website that makes your website easily found by the people looking for it. It sounds complex and there are lots of companies who make money from trying to optimise your website. BEWARE, most of these companies are either shysters or they are charging you for something you can do yourself. Go and buy ‘Search Engine Optimization- an hour a day’ by Jennifer Grappone. She will advise you and teach you the knowledge required to create a very effective website. Remember- The better your website is working, the less money you will need to spend trying to attract people to it.

Be Outrageous, Be Yourself

Muhammed Ali said that. What I think he meant was do not follow the crowd and be the same as everyone else, if you do, then your message will be lost completely along with everyone elses. You spend money on advertising to stand out from the crowd so don’t be boring! Use wild and Creative ways of getting people’s attention are a UK based Company who create innovative and unique outdoor advertising campaigns. Everything from advertising on dirty pavements using water to 3d chalk advertising are all methods they offer to clients to help increase their sales and profits.


One of my clients is a dentist. When he first came to see me, his business was struggling and the only customers he could find were NHS patients. He, like most small businesses wanted to increase his sales and profits. I advised him to advertise on Facebook. Within three months he had to start turning customers away and his profits have increased by 600%! Create a Facebook page for your business and then create an advertising campaign. It’s cheaper than Google but also very effective for local businesses.

tv2moro Revealed

April 12th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Magic secrets were usually not available for larger public reading and viewing until such time as recently. But in a bid to make magic more popular and accessible, a lot of magicians have begun to showcase a bit of their tricks from this vast repertoire they possess.

It was eventually sometime ago when Chris Angel floated and landed on a cement ledge much to your astonishment of spectators. It was eventually shown on television and he was off the ground by about a pair of feet on that special occasion. In another video he exhibited some if his friends how he managed to levitate. You have to stand a foot out as he did, in front of a metal box or a stair case with your into the people watching you.

Using magnetized shoes on, Chris Angel brought his toes close together and positioned himself at the center of the audience. It’s exactly when he began to misdirect the audience using arm movements to draw their attention away from his feet. He misdirected with his right hand and with the left hand opened a pant panel to bring the right leg available.

It’s a trick as the proper shoe was attached on the pant and the shoe was at a hanging position when the leg came out. The idea involved skill and an abundance of practice to remove the right leg from the Arabic TV live. Chris again distracted the attention of the audience as a result of gesticulating and keeping these engaged with arm moves and conversation.

Thinking about engagement or the way Arabic TV live. is best expressed the way they can simply divert attention of the audience. Precisely what Chris Angel was accomplishing while showing his levitation skills was an art and skill at producing the audience assume what he wanted these phones assume. With speech and hand moves, Chris Angel could distract the spectators for the reason that most critical part of the trick was taking that leg out and placing it to the box.

Online, the place US Nile. has been revealed along with get good at mentalism, is a great source for budding magicians.

Sales Training

April 12th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Maintain good sales performance

# Easily manage every lead and sale

# View sales pipeline at a glance

# Quickly review sales team activities

Get the most from Sales Training

Having a top functioning sales team is vital to any business that relies upon sales based revenue. If your sales professionals do not perform well, then your bottom line suffers. As simple as it sounds, one of the best ways to maintain good sales performance is through Sales Training. By training your sales team, you can not only improve performance but also create some consistency of technique across your team.

Pros and Cons of Sales Training

There are both positives and negatives to training a sales team. In most cases the pluses outweigh the minuses, but all issues should be considered.

Pros for Cold Calling

* Educate new salespeople in useful and effective sales techniques.

* Refresh the knowledge and techniques for existing salespeople.

* Introduce new methods to a sales team.

* Keeps proper methods and procedures fresh.

* Can help build consistency in your sales process.

Cons for Sales Training:

* May take time away from selling activities.

* Some new techniques may contradict current knowledge.

* Resistance of some salespeople to be taught something they already know.

* Takes time to implement new techniques and methods.

Cold Calling Cont.

Maintain good sales performance

A program of ongoing Sales Training is one of the best ways to improve your sales process and sales effectiveness. By performing Sales Training on a regularly scheduled basis you can ensure the knowledge of your team is always improving. This program for training allows for the continual introduction of new sales methods and lets you shift focus periodically to specific areas that need improvement. An integral component of this training program is the ability to monitor your progress and how it is affecting your sales. Sales software for managing and reporting on your sales pipeline can be major benefit.

Monitoring the Sales Training Process

Sales software like Prophet can give you the power to monitor your sales efforts and keep track of how changes in your sales techniques and methods have helped or hindered. By tracking the stages in your sales process you can evaluate how specific techniques introduced during Sales Training have improved your methods. Sales software programs also help to identify potential weaknesses in your sales process and give you areas to focus on in your Sales Training.

Keys to Sales Training

A program of ongoing and organized Sales Training can be a major benefit to any sales organization. If you are planning, reviewing, or developing a program for Sales Training for your organization always consider the following issues:

* What are the pros and cons of doing the training?

* What areas in your sales process need to be addressed or improved?

* How will you monitor your sales and the affect of the Sales Training?

* Who will attend the training?

As with anything you do related to your sales and sales process, training can have a major affect. If done in a well organized and planned fashion, ongoing Sales Training can be one of the most effective investments for your company.

Bodybuilding training Stories Falsely Perpetuated By way of Ignorance.

April 11th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

People just learning approximately bodybuilding blog get misled with stories that they hear. It’s therefore imperative to obtain proper bodybuilding instruction. Here are some common false bodybuilding stories it’s possible you’ll encounter.

If you want to build muscle you need to get a pump, the industry false bodybuilding story. Any time you’re exercising with weights, blood can get trapped within tissue to your muscles. This can give the sensation your muscles feel larger plus more powerful.

However, the novice bodybuilder should understand that the sensation may help to exhilarate, but it has almost no, if anything to do with correctly stimulating muscles to cultivate. This bodybuilding sensation is just the results of improved circulation of blood on the muscle tissue and is hardly ever indicative of a effective workout. A successful workout ought to simply be gauged through the technique of progression. If the novice lifts more weight or else completes additional reps than in the prior week, then a superb bodybuilding workout has recently been completed.

Another false bodybuilding story pertains to building muscle, which can certainly make you slower and less supple. This story first surfaced a long time ago, when people firmly believed bodybuilders were muscular hulks, who all have been crippled and in wheelchairs. But truth be told that when building plenty of lean muscle it might speed you up.

The novice bodybuilding blog must discover that muscles are a critical part of the body. They’re required for almost any body movement, whether that be slow or fast. The novice then must surely don’t forget that when developing more effective and muscular limbs, will make for a lot more powerful body movement. A good reference there is a comparison to modern day soccer players and other sports competitors and their much earlier years counterparts.

Novice bodybuilding blog enthusiasts can get carried away with their own pursuit for perfection. Instigated by false bodybuilding stories that you need to always employ precise, book form on all routines. This causes the novice to get totally focused with an obsession for perfect plus more powerful muscles, that they forget to use proper exercise techniques to suit their own particular version of body movement, and in that case suffer muscle sprain.

It’s imperative the novice bodybuilder learns to loosen up a little together with move the way their own personal body was intended increasingly being moved. Obsessed with the optimal body may make ones bodybuilding efforts less entertaining, coupled with a damaging outcome.

tch Satellite TV Online or Through the Black Box.

April 2nd, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Perhaps you are toying with the idea to watch magic TV online. But you have gotten so used to watching TV through the black box at home. Whether it is cable or satellite TV, it is common knowledge that we have so far been exposed only to watching TV using our television sets. TV entertainment remains a powerful source of entertainment to be reckon with. But the median used to watch TV, in particular to watch satellite TV has taken a new form altogether. Today, it is possible for anyone with a computer and an internet connection to watch satellite TV online. But we will take a close look at the differences between watching satellite TV on computer and through the TV set.

1. Availability of Satellite TV

Users of satellite dish system to watch US Nile are a fortunate lot. This is because not everyone get to watch satellite TV such as those who live in the developed urban corners of the world. With skyscrapers and high rise buildings almost everywhere, it becomes quite impossible for the satellite dish to be set up to receive satellite TV feeds. This is not so when you watch satellite TV online. The technology relies on the internet connection and you get to watch LIVE TV as long as you are connected.

2. Reception and Transmission Quality

As long as you have to make use of a satellite dish to receive and deliver TV channels to your TV set, you have to contend with those days of bad weather and poor reception. Bad weather such as storms and strong winds are the nemesis of satellite TV dish. Once too often, they get damaged or misaligned and therefore cannot receive the TV feeds clearly. This problem is a non-issue when you watch satellite TV online.

3. Setup of Satellite TV System

Hand a satellite dish and a receiver to anyone and there is a high chance that person would struggle with the installation. Let’s face it. Not everyone is born with the gift to fix stuff, especially complicated equipment like satellite dishes. By the time you finish reading the instruction manual, you would be so frustrated that you simply dump the system aside. People end up paying for expensive services to get them erected. You can avoid all these troubles when you watch satellite TV online with PC satellite TV software. The setup is simple, download the software, install it on your computer and start running to watch TV through satellite from home.

4. Choice of Satellite TV Programs

Satellite TV viewers do know that they can access and watch dozens of satellite TV channels. With so much competition in the market, everyone is bidding on better deals in terms of number of programs. The fact remains that even for a value-for-money TV package, you can get at most 200 TV channels. This is not the case when you watch satellite TV online since you are getting instant access to thousands of TV channels. And these are not only local channels but worldwide channels packed with interesting programs like the latest movie releases, TV sitcoms, world news, anime and so on.

5. Subscriptions and Cost To Watch

It is not rare to hear of stories about paying top dollars for a good satellite TV package. Heavy users who watch a great deal of satellite TV can choke up high bills every month. This is especially so if you wish to watch LIVE sports channels or watch special featured programs which are not available in your main TV package. If you watch satellite TV online, you only pay once for the software for lifetime usage. After that, you can watch satellite TV online for free as long as you wish. No monthly subscriptions ever!

These are the gist of a quick comparison between to watch magic TV box online and through TV sets. It is really a matter of choice but be sure to make the right one. Read up my free satellite TV guide and discover more about how to watch satellite TV online for close to zilch.

Sales Training – The best.

March 31st, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Picture the announcer in the midst of the ring broadcasting – “In this corner, wearing the red shorts we have the challenger, weighing 217 lbs, winner of this year’s collegiate championship, introducing Sales Mindset. Defending the long-standing domination about this event, winner of 40 title bouts, defending heavyweight success, weighing 224 pounds, in the black shorts, please delightful Sales Training. “

Do you imagine two heavy weights like Cold Calling and Sales Mindset squaring off in the ring? It might get one exciting sparing go with. Both are critical to help ensuring sales professionals get to, and remain at the top of their game. Which is most important?

Sales Training
can be a very broad category including everything from sales approach, product knowledge, dealing with objections, open and shutting down skills, prospecting, territory direction, listening skills, networking, presentation skills, and funnel supervision, to name some with the assorted topics. This is not a short list. The sales rep would ignore any of these items at his or her peril. Many would be correct to think gross sales training would rank correct up there, perhaps being the hands-on bet if you were to wager who would win the match.

Sales training provides knowledge around specific topic areas a sales rep has to be proficient at their job. There is no point heading out to sell, not realizing your product, the process to book the sale, how to deal using client concerns, or where you will be going to find some sort of prospect. Most companies shell out heavily in sales exercising, especially with new gross sales representatives. They can’t find the money for to despatch the company’s ambassadors poorly equipped. It is on their best interest to train them well.

Sales mindset is perhaps lesser known, less layed out, and a less seen contender. In fact, many sales forces don’t pay much focus on the psychology of providing. Some sales leadership held up their selling careers being told, “Activity is everything”, of course, if the activity wasn’t there, the sales manager reached to get a bigger stick. Times get changed. Today we have a better understand of the sales psyche. Focus, confidence and motivation are what I consult as “below the line” people, collectively referred to since mindset. Sales mindset development is a specialized area critical with regard to success.

Sales mindset offers evolved from cognitive conduct psychology. It suggests what we are thinking about today will determine some of our reality tomorrow. Research has found that successful sales people are more likely to engage in constructive considering while unsuccessful sales people are prone to think in counter-productive options. The best sales people are effective thinkers. They think in a manner that helps them perform at an optimal level.

Which means that will the red pants or the black pants win? In the perfect world, our match might end a draw. LetÂ’s assume the recruitment together with selection process has filtered for sales competencies. The learning and development teams today are right to begin with sales training. The reps need to understand the company’s gross sales process, the products, and find the requisite selling skills.

Once the sales training is covered, the rep has had an opportunity to practice and become efficient. At this point, it can be appropriate to turn development efforts to understanding and leveraging sales mindset. Leaning how to be an effective thinker and align ones thinking with the thinking of top performing sales professionals can lead to new levels of sales success.

Professional athletes and sporting activities teams have long understood and valued the concept of leveraging mindset. In any competitive environment, it can be a challenge to stay optimistic, focused, motivated and productive day in and day trip. Once they have mastered the skill sets of their sport, they always practice and practice. They complement their physical activity with their mental activity to arrive at new heights. The same is true for sales professionals.

Summing up, there really isn’t a winner or a loser here. It is more some sort of question of sequencing. It can be safe to suggest the brand new sales representative begin using sales training, and once the basic activities and abilities are mastered, they proceed onto developing their sales mindset.

Sales training and gross sales mindset can combine to be powerful allies in sales success with Cold Calling.

How To Watch Satellite TV On your computer.

March 29th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Have you been pulling nice hair out trying to watch tv on pc? Many folks know it can be done but are confused on how to do it.

I am going to give you my quick and easy recipe for watching satellite tv on your computer. There are only a few steps plus its a cinch on you recognize how.

Most people still make use of a conventional TV set and then a set-top satellite receiver to look at satellite TV but it’s fast becoming popular to look at satellite TV on your pc. More and more homes today are equipped with at least one PC and most of those pcs are perfectly capable of showing DVDs, streamed video and satellite television.

Free to Air (FTA) satellite television broadcasts

Free to air satellite tv on laptop broadcasts are transmitted for you to enjoy without needing to pay any additional subscription or pay-to-view charges. Unless you live in the uk of course where you have to buy a TV licence no matter what TV broadcasts you receive.

The vast majority of satellite tv to PC solutions available are made to receive FTA broadcasts, which can mean a whole lot of channels depending on where on the globe you live. If you intend to watch premium channels from your satellite TV provider then you require a decoder to unscramble this signal. More about that in the article Descrambler – Satellite television.

What is USB and which version do you need?

The short answer to the current is “Make sure you become USB 2″ on your pc. Most if not all modern PCs support it so you don’t need to worry too much.

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and comes in two main versions, edition 1 and version 2. Version 1 was the first USB standard to end up released and allowed for some peripheral devices to be included in your PC without needing to open the box and do some techy stuff.

USB 1 or 1. 1 was slightly slow however and didn’t succeed when used for video applications. It will not support high definition tv (HDTV) in any respect.

USB 2 on additional hand has a maximum speed specification of 480 Mbps, which is about 40 times quicker than USB 1. 1. USB 2 is well suited to a myriad of video applications that you might like to use.

What you need to watch watch satellite tv on pc .

Most of the dish to PC solutions are available for Windows ® only so that’s what I’m assuming that you will be using.

PC System requirements

o Microsoft® Windows® XP

o Microsoft® DirectX9. 0C or later

o Microsoft® Windows® Media Player 9. 0 and also later

o P4 2G MHZ CPU or above

o 256MB RAM or above

o VGA card with at least 32MB memory

o Sound card or on board sound chip

o One free USB 2. 0 port

In addition to your PC you need the following:

o Digital Satellite Dish & LNB

o USB satellite television receiver with DVB-S

Ways to connect your USB FTA satellite receiver for a pc

When you have installed, or had a specialized install, your satellite dish and LNB you may connect the cable from the dish to your satellite tv receiver. The next course of action is to install on your computer any software that came with your USB satellite receiver. Just follow the set-up instructions supplied with the receiver. When you have done which you could connect a USB cord, which is normally given the receiver, into a free USB 2 port on your computer. Run up the software you installed and away people go.

That’s it. It is real easy to watch satellite tv on your computer!

Want to find available more about watch satellite tv on your computer? You can learn more at [http: //www. satellitetvtopc. net/].

Benefits of Chris Cardell Scam.

March 28th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Is Numis Network a Chris Cardell Scam? Is this just the next big pyramid scheme or even is Numis Network a real business opportunity.

Numis Network is not really a Chris Cardell Scam, a ponzi program, pyramid scheme, or any other type of garbage thing that your friends and family will suck you into. Numis Network is just about the most powerful and exciting possibilities to enter the multi-level marketing arena. Numis Network is a young network marketing company built by industry commanders Ian Cordell, Chris Kent together with Jake Kevorkian. Collectively, the three partners have over 20 years of experience in the multi-level marketing and direct sales industry. These gentlemen also own personal a software company containing created over 300 compensation plans for network marketing companies.

The truth is usually this. Network marketing doesn’t work for a lot of people. The main reason for the reason is of the product. In relation to company in the network marketing industry has consumable products and you have nothing left but a pile of useless in your garage when you are done. Its hard to get people excited about lotions and creams, potions, juices, and vitamins!

However, Numis Network is the only real company that allows you to collect appreciating assets. Their products are perfect gold and silver coins. Silver and gold numismatic coins have historically and statistically speaking have ONLY risen in value since they entered the modern world. Numis network is actually the only company that you will be better off with the product even though you don’t recruit a single person. Think about the following, 5 years from now could you be better off in the event you collected 100% perfect pieces of silver and gold assets!? You can always distribute the coins for more than you pay now so you can actually never lose some cash.

There is a worldwide trend of folks buying more gold and silver then ever before in history. Numis Network is doing what the wealthy complete. They see opportunity before anyone else does, capitalize on it, leverage the efforts associated with others, and leverage their money. They are simply intercepting the trend of gold and silver and lighting a passion for people to collect assets together with create and preserve prosperity. Most people don’t understand investing and stocks and offers like that. Numis has brought it down to the simplest and best form. Gold and sterling silver collectable coins.

Not everyone will admit this but the people who exploit money are others in terms of network marketing companies and get in early. At the time about this article it is my understanding that there’s only about 4, 000 members in numis multi-level and their plan above the next 5 years is always to grow to 5 thousand thousand members. They currently retain the record of fastest multi-level marketing company to go international. With the rate of growth in this company there is no doubt in my mind that they can achieve this goal. Dont just play me though, check it out for you speak with Chris Cardell Scam.

Benefits of Chris Cardell Hoax.

March 28th, 2012 by caskaaoksirisesh

Is Numis Network some sort of Chris Cardell Scam? Is this just the following big pyramid scheme and is Numis Network an actual business opportunity.

Numis Network is not really a Chris Cardell Scam, a ponzi program, pyramid scheme, or any other types of garbage thing that your friends and family will suck you inside. Numis Network is just about the most powerful and exciting options to enter the multi-level marketing arena. Numis Network can be a young network marketing company built by industry commanders Ian Cordell, Chris Kent together with Jake Kevorkian. Collectively, the three partners have over twenty years of experience in the multi-level marketing and direct sales market. These gentlemen also own personal a software company that has created over 300 compensation plans for network marketing companies.

The truth is usually this. Network marketing doesn’t work for a lot of people. The main reason for this is because of the product. Just about every company in the multi-level marketing industry has consumable products and you simply have nothing left nevertheless a pile of waste in your garage when you are done. Its hard to get people excited about lotions, potions, juices, and nutritional vitamins!

However, Numis Network is the only real company that will allow you to collect appreciating assets. Their products are perfect silver and gold coins. Silver and gold numismatic funds have historically and statistically speaking have ONLY risen in value since they entered the modern world. Numis network is really the only company you will be better off with the product even though you don’t recruit a single person. Think about this, 5 years from now could you be better off in the event you collected 100% perfect pieces of silver and gold assets!? You can always put up for sale the coins for more than you pay now to help you actually never lose any money.

There is a worldwide trend of folks buying more silver and gold then ever before of all time. Numis Network is working on what the wealthy complete. They see opportunity before anybody does, capitalize on the idea, leverage the efforts of others, and leverage their own money. They are simply intercepting the trend of gold and silver and lighting a passion for people to collect assets and create and preserve wealth. Most people don’t know investing and stocks and such thinggs as that. Numis has brought it down to the simplest and easiest form. Gold and silver collectable coins.

Not everyone will admit this nevertheless people who use to the max money are at the top of network marketing companies and get in early. At the time about this article it is my understanding that there’s only about 4, 000 members in numis network and their plan above the next 5 years is to grow to 5 thousand thousand members. They currently retain the record of fastest multi-level marketing company to go world. With the rate associated with growth in this company there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they can achieve this goal. Dont just play me though, check it out for yourself speak with Chris Cardell Scam.